After submitting this form, an examiner will contact you within seven days to schedule the exam. The exam will be normally be conducted at the vehicle location, however it is possible to obtain a transit permit to bring the vehicle to an examiner.  After successful examination, the Approval Form will be emailed to you.

During the April to September busy season, VIN examinations may take up to 30 days to complete

The VIN assignment process is used specifically for the purpose of identifying a vehicle in Saskatchewan. Having a VIN assigned does not confirm registration eligibility in Saskatchewan, or any other jurisdiction. Questions regarding whether or not the vehicle is eligible for registration can be directed to SGI Vehicle Standards & Inspection at 306-775-6188

In most cases, the VIN plate on a vehicle is required to be located inside the operator’s compartment, adjacent to the left front roof pillar and must be visible from outside the vehicle without removing any part. If it is determined that a VIN can be assigned, the owner of the vehicle will have to make arrangements to have the windshield removed at time of inspection in order to have the VIN plate installed.

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