Prevention. Precision. Protection.

Every VIN Examiner employed by VIN Verification Services Inc. is current or former law enforcement. These staff members have many years of experience and substantial training to develop their expertise. The collective knowledge represented by VIN Verification Services’ VIN Examiners includes investigations related to stolen vehicles, cloned and fraudulent VIN’s, organized crime, economic crime and polygraphy.

VIN Verification Services Inc. (VVS) offers a flagship program that focuses on properly identifying and issuing VINs to vehicles and trailers. The VVS program adds value in the following ways:

Consumer Protection


Accurate VIN examinations give consumers greater confidence in the vehicles they are purchasing. Early detection of stolen vehicles increases consumer ability to recover assets.

Increased Integrity

Increased integrity of the registries system

Greater scrutiny on VIN issuance ensures accuracy within the registry system and allows insurance firms to ensure the vehicles covered through their services are accurately identified.

Reduces Crime


Dramatic reductions in the ability for organized crime to traffick in stolen vehicles. Increased rigor in verifying VINs is a major deterrent for criminal activity.  Force multiplier that frees up law enforcement resources to be deployed in other areas.

No cost to government

No cost to

VVS offers a cost-effective service that frees up law enforcement officers to conduct other investigations thereby reducing the cost to the community. VVS provides this service at no cost to the government.

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